[newbie] Breezy =>DapperDrake upgrade fails with error 2?

C Hamel yogich at sc2000.net
Sat Apr 22 15:18:43 UTC 2006

On Saturday 22 April 2006 00:51, David Armour wrote:
> hello,
> so far, i'm loving ubuntu. and i'm keen to try out all the good stuff
> i've been reading about dapper. however, following the instructions for
> upgrading found here...
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperUpgrades
> ... produces this error:
> Failed to fetch
> http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/breezy-backports/main/binary-i386/Pa
>ckages.gz Sub-process bzip2 returned an error code (2)
> the dialog pop up suggests trying again later, which i've done two or
> three times since, with the same result.
> i'd greatly appreciate any ideas, or pointers for finding further info
> about the error. thank you for reading this.
> --
> = d.f.)dave(armour<at>shaw<dought>ca(lm!) =

The word, 'Breezy' in the error suggests that perhaps you forgot to change 
everything to 'Dapper'.  This is the sources.list I have been using ...and it 
works ;-) :

# Automatically generated sources.list
# http://www.ubuntulinux.nl/source-o-matic
# If you get errors about missing keys, lookup the key in this file
# and run these commands (replace KEY with the key number)
# gpg --keyserver subkeys.pgp.net --recv KEY
# gpg --export --armor KEY | sudo apt-key add -

# Ubuntu supported packages (packages, GPG key: 437D05B5)
deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu dapper main restricted
deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu dapper-updates main restricted
deb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu dapper-security main restricted

# Ubuntu community supported packages (packages, GPG key: 437D05B5)
deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu dapper universe multiverse
deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu dapper-updates universe multiverse
deb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu dapper-security universe multiverse

Also, have a look at Bug# 40683.  There'll be no surprises, then, 
hopefully. :-)
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