network manager nm-applet alternative for the GNOMEless?

Andrew Conkling andrew.conkling at
Fri Apr 21 19:54:25 UTC 2006

This should be directed to the ubuntu-users list.

On 4/21/06, Dick Davies <rasputnik at> wrote:
> Anyone know of a way to communicate with network-manager from
> a non-gnome/kde desktop?

Off the top of my head, I think that the nm-applet program runs from
the system tray, so it makes sense to me that it would work outside of
GNOME.  I think it uses the keyring for its password storage (at least
until 0.7, IIRC), so you may still need that.

For what it's worth, NetworkManager's website seems to support this as
well: "The most important pieces of NetworkManager are
desktop-environment and distribution agnostic, functioning just as
well in Gnome, KDE, Xfce, etc."

DISCLAIMER: I have not tried this at home. ;)


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