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Karl Auer kauer at
Fri Apr 21 14:19:22 UTC 2006

> To my knowledge, metal doesn't reflect microwaves any more than other 
> common objects.

Really. Oooookay. What about common objects like potatoes and chickens?
Do you think there might be a reason why all microwave ovens are
basically metal boxes? Why there is a metal mesh on the door glass? Why
microwave repeaters (and satellite dishes) are made of (or coated with)

> Here's an example where incomplete knowledge doesn't prevent you from 
> using a microwave oven safely. Most people think that metal will reflect 
> microwaves so they don't put metals in.

And it is true. And it is an excellent reason (one of several) to not
put metal in microwaves. The fact that it can damage the metal articles
or even the microwave oven itself is probably a better reason.

> Ah, you don't know where I set the line. All I've said so far is:
> * Man pages are not the right place for a newbie to start.

I agree!

> * You don't need to understand the Otto cycle to use a car.

No. But you do need to understand quite a lot more than "nothing", which
is what Jean (?) was saying.

> I never said that operating a Microwave should be reduced to 
> button-pushing. I just disagreed with the statement that you need to 
> understand how an internal combustion engine works (ie. Otto cycle) or 
> how a microwave works (ie. dipoles).

Dipoles/Otto cycle = too low. Nothing = too high. Just rules = nothing.

I'm done now.

Regards, K.

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