suEXEC Support for Apache...Aghhh!

Kaiser, Hans r_2 at
Fri Apr 21 10:20:35 UTC 2006

Did you get any help?
I have the same problem here...


> My questions were for the development of an installer that needs suexec
> to be properly configured, and i have another few questions:
> 1) How to do dpkg-reconfigure apache/2 suexec without the graphical
> interface?
> this command with apache2 doesn't give me a graphic interface, and it
> does what it's supposed to, but with apache1.3 its graphical and that's
> not good to the script
> I don't know if apache2 should have an interface , but my main question
> is how do I do the same thing as :
> dpkg-reconfigure apache suexec
> or
> dpkg-reconfigure apache2 suexec
> these command, but sure that they won't pop up a graphic or any kind of
> interface, because i just want the module available to then activate it!
> Thanks for all the support.
> Bitoiu
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