Using courier-imap as a local repository

Karl Auer kauer at
Thu Apr 20 22:39:09 UTC 2006

On Thu, 2006-04-20 at 09:18 -0400, Todd Slater wrote:
> You shouldn't have to run courier if you just want to read the mail in
> your local maildirs. I have maildirs set up and use mutt to read, but
> you should just be able to create a new account in Evolution and point
> it to your local maildirs. It'll ask you for mailserver type, just
> choose local maildir rather than imap.

Absolutely right! I just told Evolution that it was a local maildir and
gave it the path, and there was all my mail. Thanks!

I have no idea why I though Evolution would need a shim server, but
there ya go.

On the other hand, the question does still stand - why could the local
imapd not see the repository? Another poster suggested that the
pathnames were wrong - I have $MAILDIR, $MAILDIR/folder and
$MAILDIR/folder/subfolder not $MAILDIR, $MAILDIR.folder and
$MAILDIR.folder.subfolder. Plausible. On the other hand, Evolution can't
create a new folder either, which suggests a deeper problem.

Regards, K.

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