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Todd Slater dontodd at
Thu Apr 20 16:15:36 UTC 2006

On 4/20/06, Charles Malespin <ubuntu.physicist at> wrote:
> Hi all,
>   I am trying to zip some files in a dir.  that I have in my home
> folder.  I read the man, and I did
>   zip -r /home/malespin/Space\Magnets
> and it said it zipped the files in there.  But where did they go?  I
> cant find them at all?  Plus how can I zip only particular files in the
> folder without zipping all of them?  I thought that
>   zip -r /home/malespin/Space\Magnets *.pdf
> would work but it didnt....  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks,
> Charles

Reread the man page. You need to specify an out name.

       -r     Travel the directory structure recursively; for example:

                     zip -r foo foo

              In this case, all the files and directories in foo are saved  in
              a zip archive named, including files with names starting
              with ".", since the recursion does not use the shell's file-name
              substitution  mechanism.  If you wish to include only a specific
              subset of the files in directory foo and its subdirectories, use
              the  -i  option  to specify the pattern of files to be included.
              You should not use -r with the name  ".*",  since  that  matches
              ".."   which will attempt to zip up the parent directory (proba‐
              bly not what was intended).
     -i files
              Include only the specified files, as in:

                     zip -r foo . -i \*.c

              which  will include only the files that end in .c in the current
              directory and its subdirectories.


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