distributions: UBUNTU vs DEBIAN

Daniel Carrera daniel.carrera at zmsl.com
Thu Apr 20 15:41:12 UTC 2006

Masatran (Deepak), R. wrote:
> Debian is command-line-focused and provides more control.
> Ubuntu is GUI-focused and provides simplicity.

Nit-pick: Ubuntu gives you all the freedom to use the command line and 
have all the control you want.

> Debian is meant for experts.
> Ubuntu is meant for non-experts.

While I agree with the literal meaning of what you wrote, I feel 
compelled to mention that many experts are likely to enjoy using Ubuntu. 
Ubuntu does not limit the power available to an expert. It allows the 
use of some automated tools, but this is not required (contrast with 
SuSE where you may hit problems if you don't use YAST for everything). 
Ubuntu is just as friendly to manual manipulation as Debian is. It just 
doesn't make it a requirement to the same extent that Debian does.

> Debian is more suited for servers.
> Ubuntu is more suited for desktop systems.

I should mention that this is mostly a corollary of your first point 
(which I snipped) about Debian being more stable and Ubuntu being more 

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