Setting up a second monitor

Daniel Carrera daniel.carrera at
Thu Apr 20 12:53:33 UTC 2006

Antony Gelberg wrote:
>> Hmmm... looks coplicated. 
> Why?

It's an impression. I think it looks complicated. Even for someone who 
has configured X.conf by hand before (me).

>> Jean, what setup do you have? two video cards?
> The OP explained his hardware setup.

I'm trying to be useful by asking relevant questions. Do you feel that 
your email is useful.

> If you don't know what a 
> BusID is, it's explained in the config file man page.  If people don't 
> read the manual, things may well look complicated.

The X config file is, in my honest opinion, quite complicated. Throwing 
documentation at something complicated doesn't make it less complicated, 
it makes it well documented.

> One can always man lspci to find out what the program does.

Therefore I should never tell people what any command does? Giving a 
one-sentence description of lspci is helpful. Saying RTFM is (1) not 
helpful and (2) contrary to the Ubuntu mailing list guidelines.

>> Configuring X is not for the faint of heart.
> Enough with the FUD.

You are getting silly. Do you suppose that Microsoft has hired me to 
join this list and say that the X config file is complicated?

> Are you suggesting that everyone who has 
> configured X is strong as an ox?

Are you familiar with the expression "not for the faint of heart"?

> For all we know the OP has configured it already.

So, I should not offer to help under the assumption that she has already 
solved it? I'd rather offer to help.

> So you haven't read it but know not to recommend it.

I've read a lot of man pages. I read man pages regularly. Man pages are 
written with a distinctive style which takes getting used to and I 
wouldn't recommend them to a new user.

> The OP has been 
> using computers for over 35 years, so let's assume that he's got 
> something in the brain department.

Jean is a very intelligent woman, but that doesn't make her a Linux 
expert anymore than my being an intelligent man makes me knowledgeable 
of (say) biology. So I try to provide helpful information and offer 
direct assistance in configuring X.

>> Man pages are not really intended for that.
> Man pages are not intended for what?

Man pages are not meant to introduce a new user to Linux. They are not 
tutorials, they are reference information for people who are already 
knowledgeable. The appropriate documentation for new users is not man 
pages but how-tos and tutorials. It's a different type of documentation.

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