How to make an Ubuntu Firewall

Daniel Goldsmith daniel.goldsmith at
Thu Apr 20 10:17:12 UTC 2006

On 4/20/06, dooleydotdk <ulist at> wrote:
> Could someone explain a newbie like me how to install IPcop. I found it
> on - but how do I install it?
> What should I do; download ipcop-fcdsl-1.4.10.i386.tgz or the .iso. Í
> know it may be a bit out of this topic but I still hav'nt got the
> entire installation picture i Ubuntu. Any help appriciated.

Tom, the .tgz. files are updates to an already installed ipcop machine.

You need the ipcop-install-1.4.10.i386.iso , linked from the downloads
page at - its the second downlaodable item.

Good Luck with it,



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