Has Ubuntu Replaced Windows on Your Box?

DC Parris dcparris at matheteuo.org
Wed Apr 19 23:55:50 UTC 2006

On Wed, April 19, 2006 16:51, Daniel Carrera wrote:
> C Hamel wrote:
>> Bottom line is that there is a damned-site better reason than hate that
>> I use
>> kubuntu or have used any other distro.
> FYI: While I do hate the convicted monopolist, that is not my primary
> reason for using Linux or Ubuntu. Quite simply, Linux is better. I can
> do the things I want to do better and more easily with Linux.

As I wrote in a recent article at LXer, I find them untrustworthy.  That's
not hate speaking; that's a long sordid history of illegal/immoral
behavior teaching me I shouldn't trust them.  If - and that looks to be a
pretty BIG "if" - they demonstrate signs of changing from that path, I
will be far more open to what they have to say.

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