CD burning

Mats Holmberg mats.holmberg at
Wed Apr 19 19:43:41 UTC 2006

brentroos wrote:
> nautilus-cd-burner has never worked for me on three different machines,
> all with different burners. I have followed the directions, yet still
> it asks me to insert blank disk even if one is already inserted.
> I recently installed ubuntu on a machine, and nautilus-cd-burner did
> not work again. I know that it should, and k3b works fine. I have tried
> for months to figutre out what the deal is with this program and nobody
> has an answer. All anybody ever says is "it works for me", or "try
> k3b', rather than giving an actual thought about the problem itself.
> very disappointing. 
> whatever
Something I figured out was that Nautilus cd burner is really picky. My 
problems began when I tried to switch from k3b to nautilus, as k3b wrote 
dvd-rw discs in sequential mode as default and this isn't compatible 
with nautilus - my Dvd-rws need to be formatted in overwrite mode for it 
to work.


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