Me - Atlantic jdangler at atlantic.net
Wed Apr 19 18:20:25 UTC 2006

I am installing a lamp server (Ubuntu 5.10) on a production co-lo server
and have a tentative list of components
Ubuntu 5.10, openssh-server, Apache2, vsftp, bind9, iptables, clam,
php5, phpmyadmin, webalizer, sasl/tls/ssl
for mailserver, i am debating postfix/mailman, or qmail/vpopmail
(vpop is in the repo's, but not qmail)
for mysql, i would like to go with 5 (which is in dapper, but not breezy

this server will have multiple ip's, multiple public and virtual
domains/hosts (for testing/development), and will operate both as a
mailserver (pop/smtp, and smtp-relay/forward) and dns.

any input for this install/config is highly appreciated.  I expect to
start this up within the next day or so.

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