Ubuntu OpenOffice broken?

David Symons ubuntu at liberatedcomputing.net
Wed Apr 19 11:15:41 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-04-19 at 12:26 +0300, Avraham Hanadari wrote:
> David Symons wrote:
> > http://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2005-October/012520.html
> Thanks for the suggestion. I went to the archives, but I was unable to 
> find a full OpenOffice download. Must I download all of the components 
> separately, or have I misread the file names? What must I download, and 
> then, how do I install the deb file?
> Forgive my ignorance, but I am really a newbie.
> Please explain about uninstalling the current version before the upgrade 
> you suggested.

Hi Avraham,

No need to remove the old package or work with the deb files.  Let
Synaptic works its magic for you:

1. Open Synaptic (System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager).
2. From the Settings menu choose Repositories.
3. Click on the "Add" button then on the "Custom" button.
4. Paste in the whole deb... line from that post as the "APT line":
      deb http://people.ubuntu.com/~doko/OOo2 ./
5. Click on "Add Channel" then "Close".
6. If it doesn't automatically download the updated package information
then hit the "Reload" button.
7. Search for the openoffice.org2 package.  Hopefully it's icon will
indicate that it's upgradeable (ie. has a star).
8. Right-click, select "Mark for Upgrade". Various related packages
should be listed to upgrade with it.  Click "Mark".
9. Click Apply.
10. Enjoy your updated OOo2. :)

Cheers, Dave.
David Symons

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