locale and sound in Dapper

Johann Spies js at wdsl.co.za
Wed Apr 19 08:08:06 UTC 2006

I did an aptitude upgrade and selected other upgrades from
breezy to dapper the past weekend (not a dist-upgrade because my
internet link was too slow).  On Tuesday morning I could not
boot my laptop due to a circular reference in the scripts
handling the ramfs.

So I made a backup of the hard disk (using Knoppix) and did a
fresh install of Dapper.

Two things made me realise that Ubuntu is not yet easy enough
that somebody without a considerable bit of Linux administration
experience could install and configure it.

1.  I could not get the system's sound to work from the start as
I expected it.  Only after a "killall esd" did I have some
success using xmms and something like "saytime".  I could not
get my timidity or aplaymidi to play midi files even after
inserting the snd-seq - midi-modules.  

I could also not find the "multi-media selector" in the menus on
Gnome - something that I have used on Breezy.

2.  I have problems with locales and accented characters like
'ê'. I can do it now with the Compose key in the console but in
the Gnome-terminal I have no success. I have tried to set the
compose key in the keyboard preferences, but that did not make a

I have tried to set the compose-key for X using xkeycaps
generating the following code in ~/.xmodmap:  

keycode 0x73 = Multi_key

This has worked in Breezy, but not in Dapper.

How do I set the default locale?  In the past I could use
dpkg-reconfigure locales, but that does not do the job any more.

Linux System Administration has been my full time job for years
now and I have seen Debian and Ubuntu installations become
easier.  It still has a long way to go...


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