OT - Question about using a older Apple

Wade Smart wade at wadesmart.com
Wed Apr 19 01:36:14 UTC 2006

04182006 2033 GMT-6

I checked and its a Pismo, G3 500, 128mb, 12GB with DVD.
Im can get it for about $250, maybe $300.

So, if the Pismo is OK, what about Ubuntu on it?

Eric Dunbar wrote:

>5. "PowerBook G3 (FireWire)" code name "Pismo" (2000, 400 & 500 MHz)
>Very nice machines. Best laptop ever made IMNSHO. If it were 10x
>faster it would _nearly_ offer exactly what the fastest laptops out
>there today offer.
>USB 1.1 & FireWire (400 Mbps)
>1. CPU upgrades are available for nearly all these laptops so you need
>to make sure you understand whether it's a 500 MHz upgrade
>"Wallstreet" or a 'real' "Pismo" (the Pismo is a much, much, much
>nicer machine).
>2. The PowerBook G3 (FireWire) aka "Pismo" also has a special Airport
>slot (a modified PC slot) for an Apple Airport wireless card (damned
>expensive... they're more $$$ USED than the NEW Airport Extreme card
>that Apple currently sells)
>3. You can add 3rd party PC cards to all of these laptops which'll
>give them FireWire, USB 2 or 802.11b/g.
>4. If you fall in love with this form factor, it's possible to get a
>CPU upgrade to 800 MHz G3 or 500 MHz G4.
>Happy hunting.

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