[DAPPER] Slow boot "Configuring network interfaces..."

Pekka Tiittanen pekka.tiittanen at pp.inet.fi
Tue Apr 18 03:26:55 UTC 2006

On Mon, 2006-04-17 at 21:09 +0100, ajgreeny wrote:
> I'm using breezy and have a wired eth0 card with DHCP.
> Normally it takes about 20 seconds for the network to configure and
> come up when I cold boot, but it is usually much quicker when I restart
> the machine, presumably something to do with the network already having
> been up and running.  I know I could do a ctrl+c to stop the wait but I
> like to get the time synchro with the npt server when I boot so don't
> bother to do it.
> Anyway 20 seconds isn't exactly a lifetime, is it?  If I really need to
> fast boot I can always do the ctrl+c to save those few seconds and then
> sort out the time synchro later.

...as I wrote, I'm not using DHCP, but a static IP. And 60 to 120
seconds is much more than 20 seconds :P

And this happens with every boot, restart or cold start, no difference

I don't get no respect. 


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