potential dapper xorg memory leak

ruscook ruscook_oz at yahoo.com.au
Mon Apr 17 11:02:54 UTC 2006

Hi folks,

As you can see, xorg has decided to use 200mega byte of virtual memory
and evolution and epiphany have also gone mad. At the same time I've
lost the use of the shift and control keys i.e. they don't modify other
keys at all but alt still works. - A reboot of X i.e. ctrl-alt-backspace
fixes this.

Here's the top output for these apps.

8228 root      15   0  200m  22m 5384 S 22.4  2.3  49:11.02 Xorg
7523 ruscook   15   0  148m  48m  12m S  3.5  4.8   5:40.23 epiphany
7527 ruscook   15   0  234m  72m  16m S  0.2  7.2   0:37.08

Does anyone else have this problem?

Kind Regards Russell
sales at windsorcycles.com.au
ph. 02 4577 3209
Linux user #369094

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