ubuntu and /var/run/* permissions

Andreas Jellinghaus aj at dungeon.inka.de
Mon Apr 17 15:16:50 UTC 2006


as far as I know ubuntu uses a tmpfs on /var/run/.
So applications like openct that need their own
subdir in /var/run/ have to create it in their
init script.

I wonder how permissions should be managed
simply suggest users to add chown and chown
commands to the init script, or is there any
perfered alternative?

background: openct is about drivers for smart
card readers. each driver ("ifdhandler" process)
talks to one usb or serial device, and can be
contacted using a socket in /var/run/openct/.
If people want to restrict access, they can 
set permissions on that directory. For example
debian has created a group "scard" and restricts
access by default to that group.

Regards, Andreas

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