eth0 interface missing, no such device

"Torbjörn Österdahl" torbjorn at
Sat Apr 15 21:51:50 UTC 2006

I have serious trouble, my eth0 interface is missing.

Running a ifup -a command (or a ifup eth0, or anything else referring to
eth0) tells me that there is no such device.

I am using a NForce2 motherboard, so the ethernet driver coming with Ubuntu
is the 'forcedeth' driver. A 'modprobe forcedeth' returns no error.

Doing a lspci puzzles me a bit; the Ethernet controller is not listed!

What can I do to get eth0 back?

Some commands and their output:

#ifup eth0 ->

sit0: unknown hardware address type 776
SIOCSIFADDR: No such device
eth0: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device
Bind socket to interface: No such device
Failed to bring up eth0

#modeprobe forcedeth ->

forcedeth.c: Reverse Engineered nForce ethernet driver. Version 0.41. (from

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