how to write korean?

Mait mattengi at
Sun Apr 16 12:35:39 UTC 2006

> Thanks a lot and 안녕히계십시오!

Wow, Looks like native korean ;-)

Andreas는 한글을 잘 씁니다.


On 4/16/06, Andreas Jellinghaus <aj at> wrote:
> ok, here is the update: I tried several applications and the results are:
> kate: ok
> kword: not ok
> kwrite: ok
> openoffice writer: no scim support
> scribus: no scim support
> konqueror: ok
> bluefish: ok
> firefox: ok
> so kword seems to have a problem, and
> openoffice and scribus don't seem to know about
> scim at all.
> I was using "3bul final" input method. in case
> that is important: I'm running the scim-panel-gtk
> if that matters, not skim. no idea how I ended up
> with kde and the gtk panel, but that combination
> works well.
> > qt and gtk2 have their own multilingual input architecture. So if you
> > are using gtk2 or qt(enabled immodule support), there's no problem with
> > that :)
> >
> >
> but it is best to use scim/skim which has plugins to work with both qt and
> gtk2, right? or is it better to somehow use their native plugins/im
> modules/whatever? all those choices are great, but I'm somehow confused.
> anyway, thanks to all your and Maits help I got it working. I can live
> without kword/openoffice writer and scribus for now, even though getting
> those to accept korean properly would be nice.
> oh, and konsole with vim works too.
> also kontact works nicely :)
> Thanks a lot and 안녕히계십시오!
> Andreas
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Mait, always newbie at english and whatever you want @.@

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