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Sat Apr 15 21:29:49 UTC 2006


Tod Merley schrieb:
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> On 4/15/06, *Lutzer* <M.Lutzer at <mailto:M.Lutzer at>> wrote:
>     Unfortunately after some more testing I experienced the problem several
>     times again. I disabled IPv6 in Firefox and systemwide (as described by
>     Thilo) which did not helped to get rid of the problem. Probably IPv6 is
>     not the reason. Some more ideas how to fix it?
> Hi Again Lutzer,
> The problem is not IPv6 which you may well need to access some of the
> resources used by many applications but rather your modem's reponse to
> IPv6 Domain Name Service (DNS) queries.  Every time you boot in or
> likely every time you sign in DHCP will re-write /etc/resolv.conf with
> your modem (probably at IP address <>) as
> the first nameserver to go to.
> Best solution: Upgrade the modems firmware.  Look at it's manufacturer's
> web page for the update info or contact your internet provider if they
> own and support it.

Unfortunately my DSL-Router (which includes the modem) is up to date.

> Second best solution: By whatever means see that the modem's DNS server
> is not used.
> Possible addition to the second solution, set up a DNS server within
> your own box and use it as your primary name server.

A local DNS would be faster but probably a quick solution would be to
use a public DNS. (Any suggestions for a fast and reliable one?) How can
I add a DNS to resolv.conf so that it is not overwritten while using DHCP?

Thanks alot!


> I hope this helps!
> Tod
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