Aptitude wants to remove "ubuntu-desktop"

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at gmail.com
Sat Apr 15 20:12:41 UTC 2006

> > the important point to remember is that if you remove it and you ever
> > upgrade your system to a newer version of Ubuntu  (Breezy to Dapper
> > for example),  you should reinstall it before the upgrade.  If you
> > don't, things will most probably break on you since an upgrade between
> > Ubuntu versions always assume that this metapackage exist and is
> > installed on your system.
> That's a very weak assumption.  The package system is supposed to prevent
> the need for this sort of thing.  I don't want half of what's in the
> *-desktop packages, and I'm going to really resent it if anything else
> breaks when I next upgrade to a new version (fwiw, I don't think _anything_
> broke when I upgraded from breezy to dapper - and I'd long since removed
> kubuntu-desktop).

If you look at these wiki pages, you will see that install
ubuntu-dekstop is always one of the first you are suppose to do before
an upgrade:


I'm sure when a DapperUpgradeNotes page is created, installing
ubuntu-desktop (or kubuntu-desktop) will be on it as well as one thing
to do before the dist-upgrade.    It's up to you to decide to follow
that advice or not.

Daniel Robitaille

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