Mounting Fat32

Alan McKinnon alan at
Sat Apr 15 16:38:45 UTC 2006

On Saturday 15 April 2006 17:56, Avraham Hanadari wrote:
> Alan McKinnon wrote:
> > Your fat partitions are probably mounted read-only. I don't have
> > a working Ubuntu handy to check the procedure, but as a first
> > step see if there's a read-write/read-only option in the gui tool
> > to configure mount points. If not, you need to edit the
> > /etc/fstab file. In a terminal:
> >
> > sudo gedit /etc/fstab
> >
> > Look for the lines listing your fat partitions in column 1. If
> > column 4 contains "ro" in the list, change it to "rw", save and
> > quit. Then umount and mount those partitions to have the changes
> > take effect.
> Thanks.
> There was no ro, but defaults. I replaced that with rw. I just
> wonder if there should be more in that column.

All that should be in that column is the list of options YOU require 
(as opposed to the list someone else thinks you might find useful). 
To get the full picture, read 'man mount', the sections on msdos, 
umdos, fat and vfat. 

The defaults tend to be OK for most folk (unless you are like me and 
object to every file and directory having rwxrwxrwx permissions) 
except ro and rw - that's up to you and there's no sane default. Best 
solution is to add what you want to the end after "defaults"

If only you and dead people understand hex, 
how many people understand hex?

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