fglrx & newer kernel - Recompiling restricted modules

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Sat Apr 15 14:08:32 UTC 2006

On 4/15/06, zi99y <zi99y at gezpage.com> wrote:
> Hi,


> I've had repeated nightmares using the latest fglrx driver for my ati x700
> graphics chip, mostly the machine freezing when shutting down. Now I have
> decided it's just not worth it, and have reinstalled the 8.6.20 version that
> comes from the repos package, and it works fine for me.

welcome to the club

> The problem I'm having now, is that in order to get DRI working I have had to
> revert to using an old kernel that has linux-restricted-modules pre-packaged
> in the repos. I cannot get DRI / OpenGL working without it.
> I cannot find any information regarding recompiling these restricted modules
> for a later kernel, and I think this is what I need to do to fix this
> problem.

i'd advise to stick to stock kernels for this driver as it's very
nightmarish. but, if you insist:

assuming your kernel is in /usr/src/linux and that your Makefile has
the correct version for the kernel you are using (hint uname -r and
edit linux/Makefile to match that. then do make prepare and make

cd /usr/src
apt-get install fglrx-kernel-source

# untar the tarball it will put the source in /usr/src/modules/
# be sure to edit the debian/rules file since it has spaces instead of
tab to separate
# one of the lines. check the bug reports for this on malone if you
don't spot it right the way

cd /usr/src/modules/fglrx (or whatever the dir name is)
KSRC=/usr/src/linux KVERS=`uname -r` debian/rules binary_modules

that should build the module for you in /usr/src/fglrx....deb

hope that helps.

Luis Mondesi
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