General question about universe/multiverse

Chris Maaskant gch at
Sat Apr 15 13:47:57 UTC 2006

Op do, 13-04-2006 te 23:21 +0100, schreef Daniel Carrera:
> > Is there any reason not to enable all the universe/multiverse 
> > repositories?
> I always enable them. What's different about them is that those
> packages 
> are not officially supported. That's why they are not enabled by
> default.
> > Doing so just gives me access to additional software 
> > packages, not different versions of the same software, right?
> Right. 

I've been wondering about this too, so let me get this straight, the
universe/multiverse repositories *only* adds software, they *never*
replace supported software?

Chris Maaskant.

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