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Fri Apr 14 10:09:23 UTC 2006

On Thu, 2006-04-13 at 17:44 +0200, email.listen at wrote:
> From a companies point of view sabayone is unusable and by this totaly 
> useless. 

But you are still not saying what you need it to do. This is
frustrating. Telling us X times that something is crap and that
something else is better is not helpful unless you tell us what you need
it to do.

> This because tools like sabyone are used to _save_ time for administration. 
> A tool like sabayon witch has not a bit a documentation at all and which wants 
> the administrator to analyse the source code as documentation will need much 
> more time than others. By this, time is money as you know, sabayone will 
> never be accepted in an professional environment in its current state. 
> And also because of this Gnome will not make it on a companies desktop.

Of course Sabayon is very new, and documentation does need to be done,
but I don't think it requires a great deal of documentation to use.
There is very little UI, and the whole point is that you can use a
normal session.

[snip more repeated unpleasantness]

> But you may show me a Gnome tool which is able to configure a user desktop 
> from top to bottom,

I assume that "top to bottom" is just a summary of the other things you
mention here:

So, finally some actual needs:

>  restrict account login behaviour on acl base, defines 
> different sorts of authentications for diferent users/groups (in a LDAP _and_ 
> NDS _and_ AD) e.g. classical login, login by usinfg Crypto Cards, login using 
> one way password generators. Not to forget access administration for all 
> applications on acl base, systemwide for all users and machines.

I'll take this to the GNOME developers. Could you help me by telling me
exactly where to find this functionality in kiosktool, for comparison?

> Don't tell me that there is no need for this. I've been workin with such tools 
> since years now.

Nobody is telling you that it is not necessary. Didn't I just ask you
what you need? You need to be nicer.

Murray Cumming
murrayc at

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