Root password???

taipan899 ulist at
Fri Apr 14 09:44:40 UTC 2006


While the subject of root passwords was on the screen I wonder if I may
ask a question ( another of saying help::) 


My problem is that I have a corrupt "repository.dialog" file. I copied
a line across to the file with a space in it, and now Ubunto does not
like it. 

My intention was to delete the file and restore the backup file both
which live in etc/apt. The problem is that this file 
etc/ap/repository.dialog is a "root" owned file.

I have tried chown, sudo chown etc etc and looked everywhere for a
written answer. I have been unable to find an answer so that I can
either get in and edit the file or delete it,  Can someone please point
me in the right direction.

Thanks Taipan899


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