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Dick Davies rasputnik at
Fri Apr 14 08:26:43 UTC 2006

Just realised my last point might have given the impression this was
somehow an area for discussion, rather than just The Way It Is.

On 14/04/06, Dick Davies <rasputnik at> wrote:
> On 14/04/06, gpeck157 <ulist at> wrote>
> You say, or Dick did, that there is no root
> > password, and again, that is not the case. The wiki does not say there
> > is no root password as Dick claims.

I never said anything about the wiki. I said the root account is locked with
no password set (and the wiki does not contradict that).

Others have tried to say the same thing, and you're either not believing them
or not understanding what they are saying.

So, one last time:

the second field of /etc/shadow
holds the encrypted password for a user, or '*' if NO PASSWORD IS SET
(and the account is therefore unavailable)

  sudo grep root /etc/shadow

See the ''*' ? Thanks.

(Glen, if you dont' see a star, it's because you ran passwd as root once.)

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