how to write korean?

Andreas Jellinghaus aj at
Thu Apr 13 14:52:37 UTC 2006

Hi Mait,

thanks a lot, I will give this a try 

>   $ im-switch -s scim-hangul      # then relogin KDE

gives me:

aj at nandemonai:~$ im-switch -s scim-hangul
>From the package dependency information, following packages
may be useful to install:
aj at nandemonai:~$ 

yes, only one quote char. strange. maybe a bug?
scim is installed.

> Default key trigger for scim im switching is Ctrl+Space - Korean
> keyboard has dedicated change key at right side of space key(Hangul
> key). Shift+Space also prefered style.

hmm. if I start an xterm, enter
export XMODIFIERS="@im=SCIM"
and then start some app from that xterm I can enter korean fine.
but if I start some app via the menu or alt-f2 then I can't.
is there any way to have kde set this environment on startup?

> Other choice available, nabi(xim, gtk-immodule),
> imhangul(gtk-immodule).

I saw there are many different input methods for korean.
but what is the difference?

> You should want install korean fonts. ttf-baekmuk, ttf-unfonts,
> ttf-alee

thanks, got all them installed.

> Unfortunately, any im doesn't support transcript rule input both
> windows and linux, as I know.

fine with me, I'm only using linux.

> scim-hangul support several keyboard layout. 2bul and some 3bul style.
> 2bul is national standard. Many korean use 2bul style.

ah. do you know any resource with more details on that? I see those options
in the im selection but have no clue what will be different by choosing

> Basically, korean use Engilish(US) keyboard layout. You try with korean
> character printed keyboard(If available around you) or hard training
> with this, :cool:

ok, my keyboard is a german one, but I can switch it to english and I'm used
to that as well.

thanks for those two urls, I downloaded and printed both. will be a good
help to get me started.

I managed to write 안녕하십니까?

but what do I press after "ha" and before "s" to start
a new sylable? I used space and backspace, but maybe there
is an easier way? If I plain type the characters I get

which is not what I want.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Regards, Andreas

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