Linux commands

Gary W. Swearingen garys at
Thu Apr 13 20:56:36 UTC 2006

"Sumesh KS" <iamsumesh at> writes:

> i new to Linux world. Can i get any information about using ubuntu and
> terminal commands

Mostly, don't worry that you'll need to understand everything, or even
just the terrifying "bash" manual page, any time soon (or ever).

You mostly learn stuff by copying from HOWTOs, mailing list,
newsgroup, and web articles, etc., using the "man" and "info" commands
to investigate particular details.  Be sure to learn to search
(usually with "/" or "s", respectively) the output of those commands.
(Use "man less" or "info info" for more info.)  Books help, of course.

Learning shell scripting can be done by studying existing scripts with
man/info in hand, starting with short ones, naturally.  Know that many
shell scripts you'll see are (IMO) ridiculously complex, being
composed by really smart people with an obsession.  You won't need to
write or read such stuff that probably should have been written in a
better programming language than something like "bash" anyway.

Have fun.

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