OT: Idiotic language pedantry

Michael V. De Palatis mdepalatis at mail.utexas.edu
Thu Apr 13 13:09:11 UTC 2006

On Thu, Apr 13, 2006 at 01:46:02PM +0100, Antony Gelberg wrote:
> 1. Then why are you perpetuating the discussion?

The same reason that I did the same a day or so ago --- to try to get
people to stop. Sure, it will happen from time to time, but it's worth
a shot. Keep in mind that off topic posts that digress into spelling
flame wars are NEVER useful, and make it hard to discern what posts
are useful, and which are completely useless.

> 3. "Friendly community", they said.  Good to see that things around here
> are not as politically-correct as they are made out to be.  ;)

Maybe the humor was lost on me here...


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