Hdparm and Acoustic Management : problem

Florian Primesnig florian at subnet.at
Thu Apr 13 10:35:27 UTC 2006


exactly the same problem here with different disk.
the use of hdparms "-M" option is highly experimental although...


Vincent Trouilliez wrote:

>I am trying to use hdparm to set the "acoustic management" feature of my
>IDE disk drives ( "-M" option), to put them in "quiet" mode, as the
>heads are too noisy to my taste during disk accesses.
>It works fine for one of the drives, a Maxtor Diamond, but when I try it
>on the other drive, a Seagate "Barracuda 7200.7", it fails and hdparm
>reports this error:
>"HDIO_DRIVE_CMD:ACOUSTIC failed: Input/output error"
>hdparm -I does NO report that acoustic management is supported, but it
>does say that it is currently set to 0, and that the recommended value
>is 128 (quiet).
>I can't quite believe that it's not supported, especially since I have a
>similar drive Seagate Barracuda, but an older series, which already had
>this feature, and it worked.
>The disk is nearly brand new (2 or 3 months old max) and otherwise works
>fine, and smart doesn't detect any problem with the drive, so I am
>hoping it's a problem with hdparm and it's fixable...
>So if anyone has a similar drive "Barracuda 7200.7", could you try "sudo
>hdparm -M 128 /dev/<yourdrive>", do you get the same error I get, or
>does it work ?
>Also, if it's a problem with hdparm, is there some other program I could
>use to set the acoustic management of the drive ? 
>Even it's a Windows program it's okay, as I have WinXP on the machine as
>Thank you so very much for any help...

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