Software update Gnome tray icon lost

Paco Ros paco at
Thu Apr 13 09:31:36 UTC 2006


I can't find the way to see that icon again.

I can upgrade my Dapper by using apt-get dist-upgrade normally, but I
find the try utility very useful.

I've been looking for a program to start it, but it seems to be running:

paco at blackbox:~$ ps -ef | grep update
paco      5368     1  0 11:25 ?        00:00:00 update-notifier
--sm-config-prefix /update-notifier-df0YnE/ --sm-client-id
117f000001000114373395200000052300003 --screen 0

Is there any open bug about it?
Any idea will be appreciated.

Kind regards.
Paco Ros
Just a little please!

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