Any way to globally substitute kprinter for gnome-print under Dapper Drake?

harry wert hwert at
Thu Apr 13 00:08:41 UTC 2006

Dapper Drake is performing very well on all my  Desktops and various
Thinkpad's for some time now- congratulations!
 I use Ubuntu exclusively for my business, including Network printing.
Now I have a question:  Gnome-printer for most gnome applications does
not offer a choice of for type of printing; IE, Draft (low resolution),
Normal )Good quality - slower), or Photo ( resolution), but kprinter
does.  I have managed to kludge most gnome applications to use kprinter
but only by addressing each one individually.  I have Goggled and have
not been able to find a global setting within gnome. I have also checked
the Wiki's.  Does anyone know a way to force gnome applications to use

Thanks in advance.

Harry Wert

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