How do I stop bruteforce SSH login attempt?

Kent Borg kentborg at
Wed Apr 12 16:46:54 UTC 2006

On Wed, Apr 12, 2006 at 08:12:47AM -0400, Jason Straight wrote:
> It's probably a zombie machine, what do zombies do? They scan for
> the open port they want to attack, in your case 22. Change your ssh
> port to 2022 or something and you won't have a problem any more.

The day I learned the lesson of not reusing passwords was the day a
machine I had an account on was broken into.  And that machine had its
sshd on a non-standard port.  Don't count on non-standard ports
offering much security.

Better to have good passwords.

One reusing passwords: Think about it.  Too have one (or several)
passwords that you reuse for everything is like having one (or
several) master keys to your life.  Sounds good.  It saves having to
keep track of different passwords.  But if you are not keeping track,
then you not only have a master key to your life, but a lot of other
people have the master key to your life and you don't even know who
they all are!  I don't give people copies of my house key.  I don't
give out copies of my car key.  But usually with computer passwords
the house key is the same as the car key is the same as the bank
acount key...and we give strangers copies.  Bad idea.  I use different
passwords for everything, and keep a list.  An encrypted list, but
still a list.


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