Is a restart REALLY required after an upgrade?

localzuk ulist at
Wed Apr 12 12:05:19 UTC 2006


> If you need to reboot your box to get something working, whatever. If
> it

> works for you, fine. That does not mean that that is the proper way of

> doing things, though.


I never said it was a good thing that it is done this way - I said it
is quite 'windows like'...


> The "restart required" notification was not created because of shoddy

> packaging. There are reasons for starting and stopping services.

> e

It was created for various reasons - one of which is to ensure that
updates are installed correctly, which can be due to a whole host of
reasons and just a few of them have been listed here.


> Where do you expect the webmin package maintainer to flash the
> "restart

> required" icon, if you are not running X?


I never said I didn't use X. If it isn't a question directly at me,
then I would expect a person who is not using X to know enough about
their system and the packages being updated to know whether the system
should be restarted. Remember, Ubuntu is 'Linux for Humans' - it is
meant to be user friendly and not require people to go around clicking
loads of things after an update - a reboot simplifies this.


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