Hibernation support gone

C Hamel yogich at sc2000.net
Wed Apr 12 04:19:05 UTC 2006

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On Tuesday 11 April 2006 20:41, Derek Broughton wrote:
> mrwolff wrote:
> > so now my question is, how to I get that back on the logout menu so I
> > don't have to freaking sudo to su and then type that each time I want to
> > hibernate?
> Wow.  This thread sent me back to trying to figure out why pressing the
> power button now hibernates, then shuts down on resume (even though the
> powerbtn event is set to only invoke hibernate.sh).  I discovered that I
> can actually now hibernate by using "Fn-Standby" (NOT "Fn-Hibernate", which
> is an unrecognized keycode).  This is probably not helpful for you, as it
> appears to be somehow tied to kpowersave (KDE).
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> derek
I have an HP ze5570 --I know, I know... condolences accepted ;-) -- and while 
Breezy hibernated from day 1, Flight 3,4,5,6 all seem(ed) a bit problematic.  
In any event, I am wondering if there is a 'sleep' key on this box.  Haven't 
found one... and don't have the manual any longer, either, so can't RTFM. :-\
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