Nero CD/DVD burner equivalent for ubuntu?

C Hamel yogich at
Wed Apr 12 04:10:40 UTC 2006

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On Tuesday 11 April 2006 15:03, Francisco Borges wrote:
> » On Tue, Apr 11, 2006 at 02:46PM -0500, C Hamel wrote:
> > I've tried K3b (which crashes during verification), NeroLinux (which hung
> > up on verification) & Graveman (which will not 'start or continue
> > multisession' & does not verify).  I don't like any of them. <LOL>  Brand
> > new CD-RW media was being used, and I'm on Flight6 w/yesterday's updates.
> >  I have yet to install today's.
> >
> :-D
> I used to have exact the same problem (i.e. "nothing works!") with *any*
> GUI burner on this other (debian stable) box I have... so I would use
> cdrecord manually. THEN there was the 2.6.8 security upgrade... and not
> even cdrecord would work <LOL> I now use dvdrecord there and it works.
> (Haven't tried burning CDs with Dapper yet... )
> Cheers,
> --
> Francisco
I had to chuckle & Bry's note... not much left, huh.  Then I come down to 
yours & realize I've got company.  My problem is partly a CD-R drive which is 
starting to become a little flakey.  I  can burn an ISO to CD w/o any fuss 
but can't seem to burn a CD-RW to save my used-to-be-sizeable you-know-what.  
I have an IDE --> USB converter cable on which I would hook one of two CD/DVD 
burners and that, too, has gone south on me. :-\ <LOL>  Guess I'm going to 
have to burn DVDs & CD-RWs on my rarely-used (because it has XP on it)  
desktop box.

I have also noted something else of possible interest, speaking of CD drives:  
since I installed the first Linux distro --Caldera Open Linux 1.2 (or maybe 
1.3) some years ago up to the present, Linux seems to be incredibly hard on 
CD drives. 
1.  A brand new HP box started giving trouble w/installation & reading of any 
Linux distro within just a few weeks of purchase, but had no problems w/W95 
or W98SE or stuff.  
2. A brand new Toshiba box had to have a new CD-R drive installed fairly soon 
after I started mucking w/Linux on it --my son now has that box running 'Doze 
and has had no trouble w/the drive in two or three years.  
3. My lastest HP box is just over two years old & has run Linux most of its 
life.  It is now telling me it needs the 2nd replacement drive.  I figure 
once is chance.  Twice is coincidence.  Three times is establishing a 
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