[Brrezy] iptables and cifs problems after compiling kernel

voger vogernewsletters at yahoo.gr
Tue Apr 11 20:23:38 UTC 2006

Alan McKinnon wrote:
> On Monday 10 April 2006 23:55, voger wrote:
>> I downloaded the latest version from kernel.org and imported the
>> .config file from the kernel that i am already running. That is
>> the latest update that came with apt-get update. After i did that i
>> removed the modules and features i didn't need and made a few
>> modifications e.g.
>> optimized for Pentium 4, no ipv6 support etc. The installation went
>> fine and the system is working fine except two things:
>> 1. I don't have iptables. I tried to walk again through make
>> menuconfig options to see if i missed something but i don't see
>> anything revelant there.
> It's somewhat hidden:
> make menuconfig -> Networking -> Networking Options -> Network packet 
> filtering (replaces ipchains) -> IP tables support
Thanks. it's working now.

BTW the answer in question nr 2 is that somehow DMA was not enabled 
simply by copying the old
.config file. Enabled it and everything is smooth now.
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