Hibernation support gone

mrwolff mrwolff at bigred.unl.edu
Tue Apr 11 19:38:54 UTC 2006

I had hibernation working for my dell inspiron 6000 out of the box, 
however, after reading a forum post I uninstalled laptop-mode and 
installed laptop-mode-tools.  The problem is that I have now lost 
hibernation support so I removed the laptop-mode-tools and put the 
original laptop-mode package back.  I still, however, don't have 
hibernation support back.  Any ideas at all?  I've been trying to get 
this working for a while but it seems that there is nobody who is really 
fully knowledgeable about hibernation with Ubuntu.  Only people who have 
gotten it to work for their particular laptop.  What packages are the 
ones responsible for hibernation?  How do I get the menu back on my 
Logout menu?

Any ideas at  all?  I've looked everywhere and  have in the past even 
tried the mailing list with no success.  I think the worst part about 
this is that I know support does work for my laptop since I did have 
it.  I really wish I could just have it back but I fear a full reinstall 
is the only way which is a crappy way. 

What's the manual command to hibernate?  Maybe the menu item just isn't 
listed on the gnome logout menu?  Is the Hibernate command that I see 
all over the same method of hibernation that Ubuntu installs by default?

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