making deborphan obsolete?

Chris Peterman kyral at
Tue Apr 11 17:27:31 UTC 2006

And what exactly is wrong with Deborphan (and its GUI, GTKOrphan (I think 
thats the name)? Also, IIRC Aptitude already does this.

On Tuesday 11 April 2006 13:18, Lutzer wrote:
> Hi
> If I use synaptic (or apt-get) to install an application A a required
> library L is automatically installed as well. This is quite comfortable
> and a well known feature.
> I'm wondering why a similar feature does not exist for removing packages
> (AFAIK). If I decide later to remove application A than the former
> required library L remains in the system without any usage. I think it
> should be quite easy to implement such a feature in apt-get. (for
> instance: apt-get sets a flag to all packages which are installed
> because of dependencies to others. If a package is removed, all packages
> which were required by these package, have the flag and are not needed
> any more by another installed package are proposed to be removed as well.)
> Such a feature would cause a slim and clean system automatically to any
> newbie who is capable to use apt-get or synaptic for example.
> Lutz

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