making deborphan obsolete?

Lutzer M.Lutzer at
Tue Apr 11 17:18:22 UTC 2006


If I use synaptic (or apt-get) to install an application A a required
library L is automatically installed as well. This is quite comfortable
and a well known feature.

I'm wondering why a similar feature does not exist for removing packages
(AFAIK). If I decide later to remove application A than the former
required library L remains in the system without any usage. I think it
should be quite easy to implement such a feature in apt-get. (for
instance: apt-get sets a flag to all packages which are installed
because of dependencies to others. If a package is removed, all packages
which were required by these package, have the flag and are not needed
any more by another installed package are proposed to be removed as well.)

Such a feature would cause a slim and clean system automatically to any
newbie who is capable to use apt-get or synaptic for example.


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