Gnome is a problem for OEMs

Daniel Carrera daniel.carrera at
Tue Apr 11 16:21:26 UTC 2006

Murray Cumming wrote:
> It is bettr to form questions like this
> "How do I do X?"
> than
> "I don't know how to do X. I assume that it is impossible. You are
> awful."

I've tried the first one already in 5 different forums including this 
one. Plus an afternoon searching documentation, and looking at every 
file in my computer with the words 'gnome' or 'panel'.

I didn't use the word "awful" and I didn't make any personal attacks. I 
did point out a very serious problem. I know that one of Ubuntu's goals 
is to reach OEMs, so it seems pertinent. Think of it as a case study. 
Here is an OEM that is not selling Ubuntu computers, why is it? :

* Is it that they have a deal with MS?
No. No deal with MS.

* Is it that they have no Linux expertise?
No. I know a lot more Linux than MS.

* Is it that they don't like Linux?
No. We are active contributors to open source.

* Is it that they see no demand for it?
No. We do have customers who are interested.

* Is it that there is no support?
No. We'll support it.

* Then what is it?
We can't customize Gnome. Something as simple as adding an OpenOffice 
icon to the panel or the menu would go a very long way.

What's wrong with the default? The default is an old and buggy version 
of OpenOffice. I installed a new one in opt which I know works well.

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