[SOLVED w/bcm43xx]Re: [Flight 6] Ndiswrapper/Broadcom Pbm

C Hamel yogich at sc2000.net
Tue Apr 11 02:38:25 UTC 2006

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On Monday 10 April 2006 13:45, Jon Dixon wrote:
> C Hamel wrote:
> > It just occurred to me that I didn't give my inf/driver name: bcmwl5.inf
> > & bcmwl5.sys
> >
> > As you can see, it apparently isn't the same model as yours(?).  Since I
> > can't load the driver w/o segfault, I'm afraid that isn't much help. :-\ 
> > Thanks, anyhow! :-)
> I don't suppose you've tried compiling ndiswrapper from their site, and
> using any driver recommendations in the docs that come with that d/l?
> When I first used Dapper I went down that route.
Nope... I didn't.  I just today finally installed build-essential and compiled 
bcm43xx-fwcutter.  Guess what: I finally got that one to work, but not with 
the driver for my box.  I had to use a different one.  Go figure. Next, I'll 
mess w/ndiswrapper & see if that driver works with it, as well.  Meanwhile, 
my wireless card finally works. :-)

I stumbled on Roger's mini-howto (sorry, Roger, didn't catch the last name) 
and decided to give his a try, along with his driver (for an HP, but diff 
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