[Brrezy] iptables and cifs problems after compiling kernel

voger vogernewsletters at yahoo.gr
Mon Apr 10 21:55:39 UTC 2006

I downloaded the latest version from kernel.org and imported the .config 
file from the kernel that i am already running. That is
the latest update that came with apt-get update. After i did that i 
removed the modules and features i didn't need and made a few 
modifications e.g.
optimized for Pentium 4, no ipv6 support etc. The installation went fine 
and the system is working fine except two things:

1. I don't have iptables. I tried to walk again through make menuconfig 
options to see if i missed something but i don't see anything revelant 

2. I have another PC in my network running windows XP and i have mounted 
a shared folder with cifs. When i try to transfer large files from my
    winxp machine i see transfer rates sometimes up to 9MB/sec but most 
of the time  around 700KB/sec  and  even stalling .  During the transfer
   i can notice very high disk activity and the desktop is unresponsive. 
The mouse even freezes constantly.
  With the original updated ubuntu kernel the transfer rate is 4MB/sec 
maximum without any performance impact on the rest of the system..

Can anyone give a hint where to start looking? Is it possible the 
settings below to have anything to do with my second problem?

    Subarchitecture Type (PC-compatible)  

    Processor family (Pentium-4/Celeron(P4-based)/Pentium-4 M/Xeon)  
    Preemption Model (Voluntary Kernel Preemption (Desktop))  

    High Memory Support (off)  

    Timer frequency (250 HZ)  --->          
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