HTML document as wallpaper on gnome

Samuel Thurston, III sam.thurston at
Mon Apr 10 20:13:06 UTC 2006

On 4/10/06, Gary W. Swearingen <garys at> wrote:
> "Michael V. De Palatis" <mdepalatis at> writes:
>     $ man XOrg
>     No manual entry for XOrg
> I find nothing appropriate with this, either:
>     locate -r "man./x.*gz"
> I've just looked in "adept" for an X*doc* package and find none.

granted i'm running a fresh dapper install, but

man xorg
brings up a relevant page. note the lack of any caps.

also (since nobody has mentioned anything about my earlier
suggestion.. ) xsetroot will NOT work because xsetroot needs an image
or specific settings... although i swear i saw someone use xsetroot to
make xearth run as the desktop.  no idea how now.

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