Other Distros (NOT A FLAMEWAR TOPIC!!)

Max Andersen max at militant.dk
Sat Apr 8 20:50:18 UTC 2006

I've used a few distro's and use different distro's for different purposes.

The first distro I ever used as a commercial server distro was red hat 
7.3, and it was(is?) stable as a rock. I installed 2 anti-spam 
anti-virus gateways for a company i earlier worked for. They still use 
it for outbound mail, I believe (they switched 6 months ago, because the 
servers where outdated and they didn't know much about qmail).

I now use debian as server distro, because of the ease of apt-get, and 
the clean/small structure of the os. The default serverinstall is 
superb. redhat is using both yum(fedora) and up2date(EL's), which is a 
bit confusing, but apparently works.

I would like to use debian/ubuntu for our Informix databases, but it 
seems that db2 get's all the fun(ubuntu certified with db2), even though 
informix is a SUPERB database. (might get flamed if I think informix 
beats the hell out of DB2?, so I won't go down that road...)

I have used Suse and Red hat for desktop use, until I discovered ubuntu. 
Red hat in the old days, but suse up to 9.3 where I just freaked out 
because of the boot time on the latest 9.3 (latest for me). after 1 hour 
of use, i switched to ubuntu, and never look back. Ubuntu is lovely, and 
suits my needs, it seems.

I also use Damn Small Linux for consultants, working on our systems.

So currently I only use DSL, Ubuntu and debian.

I don't have any specific WM I prefer, but speed and possibilities often 
don't match, so I use the default gnome from ubuntu.

The only thing I can bitch about at the moment is the lack of cisco vpn 
support on my current kernel, but is not an ubuntu/linux issue, I 
guess(vpnc doesn't work for me either, hence my earlier email for help). 
Damn closed source it seems. If felt sorry for cisco when MS blocked the 
cisco vpn-client by default in their SP2, but lacking proper support for 
linux, just took that feeling back :)

Max Andersen
Hail Ubuntu (for now...)

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