[OT] Child Safty Precautions?

CarlK carl at personnelware.com
Sat Apr 8 16:12:42 UTC 2006

Daniel Carrera wrote:
> Adriano Varoli Piazza wrote:
>> Wouldn't this cause the child to learn climbing, too?
> I agree. And the kid might fall and get hurt. Just unplug the power 
> button.
>> It does pose the question, though, of what will you do when you have to
>> turn them back on. Ping of life?
> Do a software shutdown:
> sudo shutdown -h now
> The '-h' causes the computer to power-off at the end.
> Alternatively, look at the back of your case and see if the power 
> supply has an on-off button. Or just pull the power cable (but don't 
> let the kid see you doing that).

I wonder if the OP really needs a hardware solution (unplug) or if just 
disabling the APSM? or what script runs when the button is pressed, 
which ends with the shutdown command.  all my "newer" boxes dont power 
off unless you hold the button down for 5 seconds - way past a 1 year 
olds attention span ;)

so... how does one unlink the the shutdown script from the power button 
pressed event?


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