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Daniel Carrera daniel.carrera at zmsl.com
Sat Apr 8 10:08:30 UTC 2006

Bry Melvin wrote:
> I come from a field that B+ (85%) is minumum written passing grade 

Maybe getting 85% is easy in your field :)

I taught mathematics at both the University of Toronto, Canada and the 
University of Maryland, USA (comparable courses) for a few years each. 
And I can tell you that 85% means wildly different things in those two 
universities. In Maryland mediocre students are expected to get 70%!! 
When I went to school (Venezuela) I was one of the best students and my 
grade was 70%. Canada is somewhere in between, where 70% might be the mean.

> If mood seriously would affect your performance level either in testing 
> or at work, maybe you are in the wrong career?

You're missing the point. If you're having a life crisis, or if you just 
didn't sleep well the previous night, that *will* affect your 
performance regardless of the subject.

> As far as test validation in computer systems I see the practical MORE 
> important possibly because the technology changes too rapidly to be able 
> to properly statistically validate the written (multiple question) test. 

That's a good point. Practical tests are more adaptable.

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