Wireless net connection not detecting

Sushil sushil_kv at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 7 19:22:03 UTC 2006

 Hi Dear, 
Thanks for atleast some response. 
I am using Sony Vaio K PCG-K37 laptop.For networking, written on laptop is 
IEEE 802.11a/b/g Wireless LAN Router Access Point" 
Don't know what it means except that it is wireless. (is it WiFi?) 
Don't know either what is secure or unsecure. I am statying in a hotel
rightnow and get wireless Internet connectivity somehow. 
Pardon me for my little knowledge (or no knowledge). 
Let me explain you more about the problem I am facing. 
I had window XP on my laptop. Last week I installed Ubuntu also on it as
additional OS. Everything was fine. I did some activation in Admin->
Networking window (don't remember exactly) and it detected my wireless
connection so I was using new OS with net connection with only one problem
that it was slow in comparison to XP. 
As you know grub gives the option of selecting OS at boot time and starts in
Linux by default. Some days back it was booting in Linux. When I realised I
wanted to boot up in XP. So while it was booting up I started pressing
Alt+Ctl+Del many times it didn't stop. So I had to press power button for
5-6 secs. 
Right after that I was not able to reboot the laptop in Linux , it used to
hang each time after displaying "Hardware Abstraction Layer" and screen
becomes dark. 
I googled and went through lot of mails and documents and tried reebooting
in grub's kernal option appended with "pci=noacpi". To my wonder it started.
Later I found out if I siwtch off a small "wireless LAN" button then also it
So by booting ether way and switching on "wireless LAN" (in later case),
Admin-> Networking window could not find wireless connection and I could not
activate it again. It shows modem and ethernet connection. I activated
ethernet option but it does not recognize wireless connection. 
Please please help me out.. You are my last hope. I get more than 100 mails
daily from this group, but don't find the response for my problem;) 
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Subject: Re: Wireless net connection not detecting 
Sushil wrote: 
> Hi Folks, 
> I have problem with my laptop that it does not boot up when wireless LAN 
>button of laptop is on. Either I have to boot with wireless button off or 
>I have to boot with pci=noacpi option. Anyway after system is on in Ubuntu 
>OS, it does not connect to intenet. Please help. 
What type of laptop and what type of wireless are you using? Secured 
Or unsecured? If secured, WEP, WPA, etc? 
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